PRORHINEL SERUM PHYSIOLOGIQUE Hygiène Quotidienne - 30 Unidoses
  • PRORHINEL SERUM PHYSIOLOGIQUE Hygiène Quotidienne - 30 Unidoses


ProRhinel Sérum Physiologique is recommended for gently cleansing the nasal cavity when the nose is blocked, for example during a cold or allergy, to remove excess mucus or allergenic particles such as dust or pollen.

It can also be recommended to moisturize the nasal mucosa when it's dry or irritated (e.g. heated or air-conditioned rooms, high altitudes, air travel).

Finally, ProRhinel Sérum Physiologique reduces the viscosity of nasal secretions, loosens them and helps their evacuation.

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ProRhinel Sérum Physiologique Unidose is a sterile, preservative-free isotonic saline solution indicated for cleaning the nose in the event of a cold and for moisturizing the nasal mucosa in case of a dry or irritated nose. Ideal for infants, young children and adults.

Infants, children and adults alike can experience breathing difficulties due to mucus build-up, crusting and dryness of the nasal mucosa. Abundant mucus production is particularly common in babies, and is a symptom of nasal congestion or runny nose. In these situations, babies who are not yet able to blow out their nasal secretions may find it difficult to breathe, feed or sleep, making them irritable and restless.

Cleansing the nose with ProRhinel Sérum Physiologique can help prevent and relieve nasal congestion, and in some cases can help avoid complications such as sinusitis or otitis.

Particularly in younger children, this cleansing can be followed by aspiration of mucus with a baby nasal aspirator.

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